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Graphic creation at the service
of your project

The graphic design is the most important phase that determines your graphic charter and your visual identity.

Ergonomics & design

The ergonomic conception and graphic design of a website serve to offer its users a simpler and more authentic navigation.

Design & visual identity

Choose the right graphic elements to identify your company such as the logotype, typography or even the colors of your brand.

Trends & Inspirations

Web design is always in constant evolution to keep up with the dynamics of the web. Graphic design trends to improve visual communication.
Design of a brand and its visual universe

Design of a brand and its visual

The design of a visual identity must be coherent, researched, deep and included in the digital strategy.

Tailor-made website

Creation or redesign of a website that respects your visual identity and circulates your brand image.

UX Design: Designing the user

The goal is to think and design a website so that the user experience is the best possible.

Different types of sites

Technical design of showcase sites, e-commerce sites, e-shops, merchant sites according to your needs like

UX Design
Visual design

Visual design

Graphic design

Visual design is a technique that uses quality images, color palette, shapes, fonts and forms to improve the use of a website and to attract the attention of the Internet user so that he becomes a potential customer of your business. Web interfaces must be simple and intuitive but also rich for a good communication.




In web or mobile development, prototyping allows you to create animated mock-ups of your web and mobile interfaces to show them to customers or to get a taste of your website or mobile app. It is also a technique that is used to carry out necessary and adequate tests before taking the plunge.

Interaction design

Interaction design


The interaction designer designs digital products and services. It allows to represent the way in which the different objects of a system interact with each other. It also determines how an object or service will behave in the dialogue with the user. Thus, services and products will be well adapted to the user’s use and experience.

For your graphic & web design

The web site model

The web site model

The elaboration of mock-ups is a decisive step in the creation of a website. The mock-up determines the operational blocks in terms of ergonomics and user experience (the bases of conversion).

The logo of your site

The logo of your site

The creation of your company logo is not a detail since the logo will be at the heart of the image of your brand, it must therefore convey the values of your brand. It is thus imperative to have a logo that matches your image!

The design of your graphic

The graphic charter gives a general identity to your company by conveying your values. It allows you to keep a graphic consistency in your achievements whatever the medium used and following your communication plan. Always keep in mind that the creation of a graphic charter is not a simple formality. When we start creating a graphic charter, we first think about the logo, which is the differentiating element of your company. We are also interested in the choice of colors that have a strong impact on your brand but also the fonts and writing styles that can also serve as clues to recognize you on the market.

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